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19 / 10 / 2017
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Perancak Temple

The white stones Perancak Temple in Bali is look towards west with river panorama of Perancak that the length and wide has strong fascination. In across there is rice field that growth beach tree.

The location is about 10 km from to the west of Tegalcangkring Village, south part of west Bali.

This temple can’t be detached from the arrival of Danghyang Dwijendra to Bali around 11th century. It was Sawe Rangsasa that Danghyang Dwijendra met when he was arrived with his family in this village, Sawe pushed him to pray, at first, Danghyang Dwijendra refused but Sawe kept pushed him. Danghyang finally prayed and suddenly the temple was collapse because he was much more powerful than Sawe. Sawe ran away, frightened. Danghyang Dwijendra rebuilt the temple and people around it called that place “Encak Temple” (Broken Temple), by the time they called it “Perancak Temple”.

About 250 m in the south Perancak Temple there a blue ocean that is very beautiful to see. On the nearby Perancak river, small jukung and sampan boat can still be seen quietly sailing up the river to Loloan, especially at high tide. Another pretty place to see…